Wall Tie Surveys & Remedial Work

This site has been designed with our domestic customers in mind, we have much more detailed technical information on our main commercial/trade website.

AWT’s experienced qualified surveyors will carry out a 3 point inspection plan:

  1. Inspect your home for visible signs of wall tie failure (and other causes of structural issues.)
  2. Determine the density of your wall ties by using a metal detector.
  3. Selected areas can then be inspected further by drilling 12mm holes into the outer layer of brickwork and inserting an endoscope to view the condition of your wall ties.

You will then be given a full report on the condition of your wall ties including their predicted life expectancy and recommendations for remedial work if necessary.

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Remedial Work for Corroding or Broken Wall Ties

AWT will drill into the  your exterior brickwork and fit strong, non-corroding wall ties.

Old or rusted wall ties can be isolated by removing the mortar around the old wall tie and fitting a special sleeve over the old wall tie.  This prevents any further exspansive corrosion of the wall ties damaging your brickwork.

AWT will also repair cracks, loose bricks, bowing brickwork and other issues that may have been caused by wall tie failure.

The pointing is then reinstated in a colour and style to match your existing pointing.